Dangerous Paradise (Dangerous Millionaires)


ACTION ADVENTURE:  After Kelly Cochran’s father is accused of embezzling, causing financial ruin to numerous clients, he and his wife are killed in a plane crash. Coincidence? Now Kelly’s life is in danger from those who want their money back. Marrying wealthy movie producer Robert Hillyard, her father’s best friend, seems her only solution. On a tropical cruise, everything is going swimmingly until someone threatens Kelly’s life. Enter the devastatingly handsome actor, Alex Drake....

It is soon realized that Robert, Kelly and Alex’s lives are linked by the filming of an upcoming movie. Vanessa, Alex’s soon to be ex-wife, joins everyone on the ship, and emotions flare. Kelly and Alex soon find themselves running from gunmen, escaping exploding boats and stranded on a deserted island.  They must find food and shelter, and a way to survive the passion that only intensifies with time. Will they be rescued? What will happen to their blossoming relationship once they are?

Greed, lust, murder and mayhem drive this intense mystery. The story follows one bad situation after another throughout the entire book, which makes the believability aspect a tough one to overcome. It would make even Murphy’s Law pause! Predictability is  another factor. Kelly is naive, Alex is a bit of a wuss, and Vanessa is overdone. The saving grace is in Ms. Andrews' talent as a writer!  The words flow smoothly and keep the reader wanting to continue. With a little more realism, this story would be make a huge splash, and be a 5 star winner!!!

Lynne Bryant