Crimson at Cape May


After Darrell Henshaw wrongfully loses his job as a teacher and football coach—also causing him to lose his girlfriend—he runs to Cape May to coach football camp for the summer of 1999. However, Darrell is unable to escape all of his troubles in Cape May. He is “sensitive”—he can see ghosts, and a mysterious female ghost in a white dress asks him for his help. Are the missing girls from the area also related? Darrell can’t find out on his own so he joins forces with Cassie, a local teenager who is also able to see ghosts and her band of friends. This summer just got a lot more exciting as he tries to solve the mystery while also trying to win back his job and his girlfriend.

Randy Overbeck has created a thrilling and masterful mystery leaving readers gripped with suspense from start to finish. Though this book is the second in a series, it is easy to jump into without having read the first. The world building is phenomenal and the characters are each unique and differentiated from each other in their behaviors and dialogue. Darrell and Cassie are written with a lot of depth, while some other characters could use a bit more development to truly make them full-fledged humans. The plot and story arc are incredibly well paced and exciting. Mr. Overbeck’s characters are like long lost friends that readers will want to greet time and time again.

Shailyn Rogers