Crazy Rhythm


HISTORICAL:  In 2003 in an assisted living home in Everett Washington, Gunnar Nilson is telling Kristi about his private eye days back in post-World War II Seattle. Kristi decides to write Gunnar’s stories in a paper for school. Gunnar starts by telling Kristi about a murder of his best friend’s brother that he must solve due to an obligation to his friend. As Gunnar tells about the murder the story switches back to the 1950’s when the murder happened. As Gunnar gets deeper into solving the mystery, the murder plot unfolds with scary consequences. Gunnar discovers who he can trust, his true friends, and how another case intersects with the murder. 

The story is part of a series but can stand alone. It harkens back to the private-eye noir. Despite shifting from one time period to another, the story  moves smoothly without dragging down the plot. The reader can easily imagine time and place, and the characters are charming. Gunnar is someone readers will like immediately. The suave, debonair, captivating private eye, who has a way with women no matter what age, will make anyone smile. Gunnar is even able to get out of tough situations without losing his cool. Interactions between Gunner and semi-love interest, Cissy Paget, give readers a glimpse of not only their friendship but Gunner’s developing relationship with her. Readers will definitely want more about how Gunnar and Cissy’s love will develop.

Roslynn Ernst