A Conspiracy Uncovered


What starts as a normal day for Professor Richard Dean, THE leading expert on the assassination of John Kennedy, is quickly turned on its head with the arrival of a mysterious package from an unknown source. The sender of the box is claiming that he is the true Kennedy murderer; he has the needed proof, and feels he needs to come clean before he dies. Agreeing to meet this man places Richard in the path of more peril and trouble than he could possibly imagine, if only he can ensure all involved live and if he can see this investigation through to the end. A twist throws a wrench into the investigation and stops it from wrapping up smoothly and neatly.

Many facts surrounding the Kennedy assassination are presented in a dramatic way during this story, and it has the potential to become one of the best works of fiction on this matter. Sadly, however, that potential cannot be met. The characters are simply cookie cutouts of one another, dissolving any attempt of connection with the reader before it has a chance to happen. The dialogue follows the same suit, as the characters' awkward, stiff, and unnatural. While the book stays consistently written in first person throughout, whose perspective the audience is looking through changes without warning or smooth transitioning. Unfortunately, it is not very memorable, but could reach incredible heights once it is cleaned up a bit. 

Yannie Sorensen