Concession Stand Crimes (The Ballpark Mysteries Book 2)


Madeline Boucher has had a lot to deal with. Now she is helping to run her family’s baseball team. Murder comes to the park when a brewery heiress is murdered and the body is found in the stands. Madeline finds herself thrust into an investigation with a long list of suspects. Everything is piling up as she tries to keep the park going without there being any catastrophic blunders, trying to keep her own life safe, and the gargantuan task of figuring out who committed the murder. Will she be able to keep all the balls in the air and prevent them from crashing down on her head? Or will everything become too much as she finds herself fighting to keep her life in check?

The second book in the Ballpark Mysteries series has potential. The plot jumps straight in, however; there is a lot of telling rather than showing, which if fixed, could really bring this book to life. As mysteries go, it is a decent whodunnit. There is good characterization and a cast of fun and fascinating characters. The issues that could have been picked up through initial editing really take away from the book, but there is a good basis for a story which makes “Concession Stand Crimes” an interesting and enjoyable mystery. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. Madeline is a likable character who is trying to do the best with what she has while everything goes against her. Readers will be able to relate to her struggles and go on her journey with her.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick