Cold Ambition


Jordan James needs a case - any case; anything that will help kick off her career as a private investigator. She didn't expect to find it through a run in with an actor on a bike, however. Nor did she imagine that it would conclude with her facing a gunman on a rooftop! Taking on a famous cold case on behalf of the deceased’s son, Jordan becomes immersed in a pile of secrets someone would kill to keep quiet. Toss in two handsome men and Jordan finds her hands full juggling romance, family, and her investigation. Can Jordan solve her case or has the southern girl gotten in too far over her head?


A fantastic contemporary mystery, "Cold Ambition" stars a new type of PI in Jordan James. She is not an experienced investigator. She isn't a former cop, and she doesn't have magic enhanced abilities or extreme intelligence to aid her either. In fact, she’s just out of college and simply a fan of P.I stories. Yet despite all that, this is no small-town amateur detective novel. “Cold Ambition” reads like a “Dresden Files” without the paranormal or “Sherlock Holmes” without the excessive genius. Humor and romance weave themselves into the book as Jordan is torn between her assistant and her client, yet the case itself is complex and the plot moves at a fast pace. Jordan has help solving the case but she is intelligent enough to follow the clues and do the solving.  Mystery fans will find themselves upset only that book two isn't out yet!


Sarah E. Bradley