Coda to Murder


Pastor Christine Hobbs was shocked when she arrived and found the police at her church.  Her distraught secretary Ella met her at the door and told her that William, the church choir director, had been discovered dead at the bottom of the stairs and the police suspects murder. How could someone be murdered in this small peaceful town of Fairlake? Later when Christine and her friend hear someone in the furnace room she becomes determined to find out for herself what is going on. She feels that she has to protect her parishioners and calls on the Lord to help her. Detective Cole Stephens suspects that a member of the congregation has murdered William. Even the pastor is a person of interest. This complicates things as he is very attracted to the spunky pastor. But who had a reason to want a choir director dead?

J.Q. Rose tells an uncomplicated story of murder and greed. The author’s characters are small town and enjoy their life there. This is neither a gripping thriller nor a sizzling romance but it is a pleasant pastime that takes the reader away from all the everyday tedium of life. Rose portrays Pastor Hobbs as an average person with the scars that life hands out to all of us but she weaves the message that reliance on faith can get us through very nicely indeed!


Rose Mary Espinoza