Cherry Cake and a Cadaver (Lily Gale Lambert #2)


Lily Gale Lambert unwittingly stumbles upon another mystery when she finds local bakery owner Luxem Natolovich dead in his new B&B, Midnight Dragonfly. His death unravels a decades-old mystery that began in a refugee camp in Mississippi during World War II.  The delivery of a package to Lily from Luxem makes everything more clear. While she's working to solve Luxem's murder, a local woman named Rikki disappears. Rikki's son and Mercy, Mississippi's bad boy Bobby asks for Lily's help to find her.  With the aid of her friends Dixie and Edina, Lily works to find what happened to Luxem and find Rikki. 


Cherry Cake and a Cadaver” is a cute cozy mystery that oozes with southern charm! Set in the small town of Mercy, Mississippi, the small-town characters are diverse and distinctive. Lily and her gang make for an entertaining bunch, and the pacing of the story is steady. The mystery is excellent and keeps the reader guessing. Some things that are lacking, however, are things like missing backstory for the main character and a satisfying ending. It would have been nice to know what Lily Gale does for a living, as it is difficult to figure out. The ending is abrupt and could have been teased out a little more. Overall, if one wants to be transported to a small southern town for a good mystery this would be the book to choose!

Jessica Samuelsen