Chasing Justice (Matt Royal Mysteries)

H. Terrell

One night. Two murders. No connection. Or is there? Trial attorney turned Florida Key beach bum, Matt Royal, is called back into service when, out of the blue, a friend’s wife is arrested for the murder of a prominent local contractor. The fact that the accused is the wife of the local chief of police puts a complicated spin on the situation, especially since Matt’s girlfriend, Jennifer “J.D.” Duncan, is a detective on the same police force. As J.D. investigates the second murder of a young wife found shot in her home, her findings lead ever closer to some kind of connection to the other case. Matt’s friends in high places are brought into play, and soon, they uncover a complicated web of secrets and lies. 

This was one fantastic read! That says a lot coming from someone who normally shies away from these kinds of Mike Hammer-style detective whodunnits. As a self-proclaimed dialogue freak, this reader found H. Terrell Griffin’s dialogue sharp as an axe—witty, intelligent, and always entertaining. The knowledge of the inner workings of law enforcement and trial law, right down to picking the jury, is downright genius. The tying up of every possible loose end was admirable and brilliantly done. What could have come off reading like a huge info dump at the end came off smooth as silk. This was well written, delightfully descriptive, and filled with twists and turns from beginning to end. Mr. Griffin has gained another fan!

Lori Leger