Reviews - Mystery

It’s voting season for Senator Harper, who decides to vote against a bill he previously told Karina he would vote in favor of. Understandably, Karina is confused by the new development and tries to speak to Harper to come to terms with his decision, but the conversation comes to an abrupt halt when the senator dies from a heart attack.

The Memories of Misty

Everything about Joan’s life is organized and put-together, from her relationship to her home to her job.  No surprises or mysteries surround her, until one day everything starts to change: her behavior, her taste in coffee and clothing, even the way she executes her job.  Then Joan starts having flashes of a life she does not remember, and the name Misty keeps surfacing everywhere she goes.  B

River of Shame

Ashland, Oregon is a paragon of diversity. But, the town has a hidden dark side, one that has finally been exposed. Detective Radhauser is very troubled by the sudden burst of racist and homophobic hate crimes and messages being reported. His personal life is also full of anxiety. His wife has just given birth, but their joy is tempered by the cancer treatments she is about to begin.

Who’s Roxy Watkins?

Private investigator Kate Nash sits at home never suspecting anything is wrong—until she answers the phone. It’s the chief of police wanting to know where Kate was at twelve thirty in the morning and demanding she come to the police station immediately. Kate answers honestly that she was in bed asleep. Still, she heads to the station.

Cambria Clyne desperately needs the upcoming property inspection with the trustee of the apartment complex she manages to go well. If she can impress the trustee, promotion could be within reach. And just maybe she’ll be able to sort her feelings for her dreamy but commitment phobic baby daddy and the handsome police detective who turns her to goo with a kiss.