Reviews - Mystery

Shots have been fired at Mountain View High School. Students are dead and injured and all the evidence points to the fifteen-year-old Kristina Sterling who is found dead on the scene with the gun in her hand. However, Detective Winston Radhauser suspects something is missing from the seemingly straightforward case.

On the Run
Traci Hunter

Investigative reporter Elle Jameson uncovers some unsettling discrepancies regarding a drone being developed by the United States government. When her commanding officers refuse to take her seriously and people start dying, Elle must run for her life. While on the run, the guardians, including the handsome and mysterious Nolan, take her under their protection. But Elle isn’t safe yet.

Pen Wilkinson is an unemployed paraplegic attorney recovering from a traumatic accident. When she is recruited by the FBI to go undercover as a paralegal for a defense contractor, Pen can’t say no. A young woman who worked for contractor DSI has been murdered.

What starts as a normal day for Professor Richard Dean, THE leading expert on the assassination of John Kennedy, is quickly turned on its head with the arrival of a mysterious package from an unknown source. The sender of the box is claiming that he is the true Kennedy murderer; he has the needed proof, and feels he needs to come clean before he dies.

Blue Magnolia

Hank “Cowboy” Tillman, a small-time country singer, seems to attract trouble wherever he goes. One fateful performance, an original song of his becomes a hit—but it also attracts unwanted attention from an alt-right group. This group is desperate for Hank to perform for them, and his unwillingness places him in greater danger than he has ever been in before.