Cedar Hollow


Cassidy St. Claire drives to New Hampshire from Chicago to settle her late uncle's estate.  Her recent search for her birth parents resulted in the sad discovery that they have died, and as the only surviving member of her family, her late uncle's seaside B&B belongs to her.  Cassidy's first meeting with the good looking innkeeper, Ben Riley, is not off to a good start. Ben knows she wants to sell the property because Cassidy cannot benefit from it financially in the creepy town, but that'll leave him jobless, and he refuses to let her killer smile warm his cold heart. Soon the secrets of Cassidy's past are unearthed, and she has no choice but to stick around longer than expected. Will Ben let his guard down as he helps her unravel the mystery of her family?

This book is the complete package!  It's mysterious, suspenseful and highly original which grants Cedar Hollow the opportunity to gain a wider range of bookworms. It's an edge of your seat thriller, and even though it's spooky with numerous twists and turns throughout the storyline, it's easy to follow and paced just right so suspense fans won't become confused. Readers will love the front runners, Cassidy and Ben, as separate characters, but one minor setback in this novel is that some may feel there was a lack of connection between the pair.

Jaime A. Geraldi