Cause for Elimination

Marla A.
Emily Conners’ whole world flips upside down when she finds her boss in a stall with her head smashed in. Emily had already been through enough after her life-altering horse- riding accident, and now she must deal with the trauma of this too. When a detective, Justin Butler, comes to the scene to investigate the death, he gets wrapped up in the chemistry with Emily and the enemy-filled equestrian world faster than he expected. However, for Emily, this means Justin may get twisted into the secrets of her world, and for Justin, this means a big distraction standing in the way of his stressful investigation.
Combine a spooky mystery with a boatload of lust, and readers have themselves this phenomenally descriptive story, which is full of plot twists, built-up tension, and gripping scenes that will drive them to never let this novel go. This tale has everything one could want: a unique plot with horse riding, hot tension between protagonists, and a creepy, dramatic murder investigation. The equestrian plot is tricky to comprehend right away because some of the terms are launched onto the reader with explanations that are too brief. However, the author makes up for it by granting the reader depth into the individual lives as protagonists instead of rushing the romance. Readers get to watch the lovers really fall in love in a genuine way; a magical reading experience granted through the exciting slow-burn relationship. The character development and transition of the plot are also something the author takes slow and extends perfectly throughout the novel. Beware: if readers pick this book, they’ll never want to put it down!
Austen Grace