Cathy’s World


On her way home one evening, forensic artist Matti James almost hits her frantic neighbor with her car. Something is definitely amiss, and it is at the home of Matti's next-door neighbor, former child star Cathy Britton. Mattie draws her gun and runs in, and is immediately notices the scent of natural gas. The gas leak is only the first in a series of terrifying events leading Matti on a trail of murder, extortion, and the discovery of human remains buried underneath a tree in Cathy's backyard. 

This book brings a stance all its own to the forensic mystery genre. From the moment Matti walks in the door, to discovering that she can speak with the dead, to the moment the mystery is solved, readers will be biting their nails and quickly turning the pages. It appears the author studied facial reconstruction in detail; the precise descriptions of the process seem accurate. There is only one thing that makes the story a little less believable — Matti is constantly running into the same police officer. Even with smaller police forces, running into the same officer, repeatedly, is a stretch and unrealistic, although readers of previous books might disagree. Even so, "Cathy's World" will hogtie the reader’s attention and not let go.

Yannie Sorensen