Cat in the Flock (McCormick Files #1)


Cathedral “Cat” McCormick moves to Seattle after graduating college with a degree in criminal justice to learn the private investigating business from her Granny Grace. Armed with the ability to “dreamslip”, which she inherited from her Granny, she uses her unique talent to help solve mysteries. While working as a security guard Cat comes across a mother and daughter she believes are on the run from an abusive husband and father. Following her dreamslipping, she ventures to St. Louis to solve the dilemma and ends up uncovering much more.


This innovative take on the world of private investigating starts off at a slow pace but picks up speed as the protagonist weaves her way through the various dreams of people she encounters. Touching on issues that are widespread in our society such as gay rights, PTSD, and religious fanaticism, this lighthearted mystery delves into both the light and dark worlds of life and still is able to keep the story fun and upbeat. The characters are engaging, although they could have used a little more fleshing out, and the plot keeps the reader turning the pages to discover the answer to the mystery. However, when solved, the end result is not as nefarious as one was led to believe. 


Colorful secondary characters enrich the tale, and the use of dreamslipping episodes at the beginning of each chapter keeps the reader immersed as the story unfurls. Filled with twists and turns, humor, a little romance, and suspense, this refreshing take on the world private investigating will appeal to readers of many different genres.


Janna Shay