The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery)


Jamie Quinn is a family law attorney nearing the end of yet another divorce case - but this one has the parties in tears and issuing threats as the custody battle ensues. When the soon-to-be ex-husband turns up dead, Jamie finds herself in the middle of yet another murder needing to be solved. As she juggles a client suspected of murder with her search for the father she never knew Jamie calls on her favorite private investigator, Duke Brossard, for help.


Ms. Venkataraman weaves a beautifully written cozy mystery with Jamie Quinn as the centerpiece. She takes care not to inundate readers with courtroom jargon. Her characters are unique to themselves with personality traits that are shown clearly as they interact with Jamie. Ms. Venkataraman shares her extensive knowledge of Hollywood, Florida building scenes with ease.  A couple of minor glitches towards the end, where it feels as though the author was rushing to tie her storylines together, are noted by will not trouble most readers.


The reader will find themselves listening to Jamie's voice through these pages smoothly to completion and wondering what Ms. Venkataraman has in store for the next installment.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon mystery!


Shaunna Gonzales