Cape Comedy


COMEDY:  As America’s famous comedy club mogul and the founder of Cape Comedy club, Ricky Boy is estimated to be worth a whopping $275 million. At the top of his game, Ricky is told that he only has a mere six weeks to live. He cannot believe that his life is ending - it was just a simple cough that brought him to the doctor! Ricky becomes depressed but luckily he has time to get his affairs in order and clarify some of his doubts that he has about his life and the people in it. When an error results in a chance to create life missions for his best friend, son, and ex-wife, everything goes amiss. Ricky’s death sparks a mysterious adventure that will take the reader deep behind the scenes of America’s comedy scene. 


Cape Comedy is a fantastic look behind the scenes of standup comedy that will have the reader in turns belly laughing and on the edge of their seat with suspense. Even though parts of the story seem to drag, it is filled with fantastic imagery. The writing style will definitely have the reader immersed in the intricacy of the assortment of characters. The extraordinary and captivating voice of the narrator leads to a refreshing reading experience.   


Heather Mcguire