Calamity at the Continental Club (Washington Whodunit #3)

Colleen J.

Kit Marshall is not looking forward to a weekend at the Continental Club; attending the Mayflower Society meeting with her soon-to-be in-laws and dodging wedding questions does not appeal. However, when Kit discovers the body of the society’s president Grayson Bancroft on her morning jog, the wedding takes a back seat to investigating the murder, especially since the prime suspect is Doug’s father. With her fiancé and best friend helping, Kit’s investigation takes some interesting twists and turns — it seems everyone in the society had a reason to want Bancroft dead. But with no security cameras or eyewitnesses, finding the true culprit will require luck and time they don’t have.

The third book in the “Washington Whodunit” series sees Kit Marshall once again stumbling into a murder investigation. A spectacular addition to the series, the pace, plot, and characters all develop steadily over the course of the story. The mystery itself will keep the reader guessing until the end, while having a logical course to follow. The minor romance thread continues to move on from where it left off in the previous book with a happy conclusion in sight. Furthermore, the story also has some of the funny and ridiculous moments that made the first two books pop. These moments keep the keep the mystery from becoming too serious but  without falling into "cozy" territory.  "Calamity" may be the best of the series so far! 

Sarah E Bradley