The Cadence Caper (The Sarah McDougall Series #2)


Sarah McDougall is an artist with the psychic ability to past events.  She tries to ignore her talent, but she can’t control what she sees or and when she sees it.  Everything changes when her boyfriend Raven’s Aunt Merry is kidnapped from her senior living community.  Who’d want to kidnap an eighty year-old lady?  Just about anyone - Aunt Merry used to dive for buried treasure in the ocean waters off Florida, and there are people who want details of her finds. There are no clues as to where Merry has gone, except the ones that appear to Sarah in her visions.  It’s up to Sarah to crack the case, find Merry, and identify those responsible for this crime of greed. 

“Cadence” is a fast-paced "whodunnit" mystery, with a peek into the underwater world of treasure hunting!  While the plot is engaging, the characters are somewhat stiff.  The relationship between Sarah and Raven seesaws between interpreting Sarah’s visions and the two of them jumping into bed, without much in-between.  The dialogue is stilted as well, outlining the story without really telling it.  While the ending is somewhat predictable, “Cadence” will keep readers on the edge of their seats, wondering if Sarah will find Merry and discover her secrets of the deep.

Victoria Z. Burg