Buried Secrets: Sequel to The Cavanaugh House


SUPERNATURAL:  Jesse Graham is the newest teacher at the elite St. Bartholomew Academy for Girls. She is also the heir to the Wyndham fortune and her family founded the school. Wealth is nothing new to Jesse, but her true desire is to live a simple life. Now, if only someone would tell the ghosts that are attracted to her, that she would prefer to be left alone. Barely recovered from the haunting of her house, she soon finds herself embroiled in the mystery of the ghost that roams the school’s halls and lands. Saving herself and her students soon becomes a priority she cannot avoid. 

An astutely crafted cast of characters leads this mystery novel in the right direction from the beginning. Add in a well-plotted mystery with deftly designed twists and turns and you have a stellar story that draws the reader in and spits them out at the end, content and yet probably wanting more from the author and Jesse Graham. Webs of deceit lead our lady on creepy adventures that send tingles down the spine. Traipsing through the past and present of the school delivers many intriguing discoveries, opening doors for more tales of Jesse’s adventures. The story progresses at a natural pace, with all the right crescendos and dips. Turning the pages is a pleasure! A little more romance development would be nice, but Ms. Meyette plays her love games well, leaving the leading man role to be delightfully determined at the end. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto