A Brush With Death (The Hands of Fate, Book 1)


PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL: England 1888 is where the lovely Isabel first encounters her mystery man. She more feels his presence than sees him, until she catches a glimpse of a handsome man in the mirror and hears his voice. Isabel is ill with a chronic debilitating disease that will soon take her from her father. Her mother was also plagued with the illness and passed away as a result when Isabel was a very young girl. Now, hearing and seeing things, Isabel is questioning her own mind. Over time, his visits become more frequent and more brazen as he shares his true feelings for her. Can she deter him and keep him at bay, or will she depend on him when a murderer, Jack the Ripper, is lurking and hunting young ladies?

Ms. Blake has penned a murder mystery with a paranormal twist. The protagonists are well developed as a curious young woman and a mysterious man (stranger) that captures her heart. The tug of war between these two is somewhat overdone and the lasting contradiction of behavior may wear on readers. The love that the male figure has carried for years is portrayed genuinely. The arc of the story is eloquently written and plot twists makes for a surprise ending. The historical nature and era of this story feels accurate to the time, place, and culture. This is a creative take on life after death and possibly another validation that humans and/or souls cannot dictate who they fall in love with. This is book one is a series and stands alone.

Viola Robbins