Broken Ties

Gloria Davidson

Sidra Martin is the unassuming, efficient secretary of Private Investigator Levi Tanner. They are both half in love with each other, except that the ghost of an incident involving Levi’s brother has put a wedge between them. After a foiled attempt to abduct Sidra  results in Levi becoming her personal bodyguard, Sidra finds out that she is of noble blood. The botched kidnapping is not a random act but a deliberate one, to make sure that she is out of the picture. Permanently.  


While this is a good book, there’s something missing. The tension during pivotal moments rose, but then fell flat somewhere. The build-up of the sexual tension was often interrupted by a lot of self-reflection in the mix that it detracted from the flow. The internal conflict between protagonists needed a little sprucing up - less introspection and more action. Perhaps a plot list was followed to put one scene or chapter after another; however, more depth could have been added. One cannot help but feel as though this story only scratches the surface of what could have been a much more powerful read. 


As a weekend read, this was still a suspenseful book that had its share of car chases and bad guys with a dash of slightly steamy romps.


M.P. Ceja