Blue Diamond Death


In “Blue Diamond Death”, gemologist and jewelry designer Kathleen McGuire finds herself in sudden danger. Her uncle, who owned a diamond people would literally kill for, has passed away and she’s the heir to the diamond, and his jewelry shop, which puts her life at risk. Mike Ryan, a federal agent, vows to protect Kathleen. Her uncle helped him out several times in the past, and he feels like he owes it to him.  Since the moment they met, he’s felt an undeniable attraction toward the woman. But Kathleen isn’t ready for a new relationship after what happened to her ex-fiancé, especially not with a man who works for law enforcement. But one night changes everything… 


The characters are great, especially Kathleen. She has some real struggles to work through, and her inner turmoil is interesting to follow. The plot offers originality, and a lot of background information on the jewelry industry. 


The book is character-driven, so the focus is on the characters. The secondary characters are slightly underdeveloped, though. For example, Kathleen’s best friend doesn’t reach beyond a stereotype – her personality doesn’t shine enough to make her stand out as an actual person. 


Overall, the book offers solid writing and an interesting romance story between two flawed characters. 


Majanka Verstraete