Blooming Greed (The Keystone Lake Series, Book 2)

When Jeff Larson dies, the sheriff assumes it’s another drunk who fell off his boat and drowned. However, the locals in Keystone Lake knew Jeff, and knew the lake was as familiar to him as his home. The lake community’s population ebbs and grows in the summer months, but the permanent residents feel something bad is afoot when several properties sell at half the price they should have, and some residents simply disappear. The homeowners become so concerned they hire Tulsa attorney, Erin Sampson, to find out why. Erin, who grew up in the small town on the lake, discovers the buyer is the mysterious T&H Realty. Add to that an infestation of Zebra mussels in the lake and an old dam deteriorating, the anxiety in the small town reaches a peak.
Enjoy the double pleasure of an increasing mystery and an entertaining cast of characters in this second book in the Keystone Lake series. Everyone questions the death of long-time resident, Jeff Larson. No one can believe the skilled boatman and avid fisherman simply drowned. His sister, Maggie Beck, most of all. Erin Sampson has to work to get to the crux of the problem in Keystone Lake. Adding to the tension is the rekindled romance between Maggie’s son Chris and his former girlfriend, Ryan Windler, who works with Erin on her investigation. Though the narrative drags occasionally, it’s obvious Peggy Chambers did her research about the area where the lake is. This book includes murder, suspense, and romance¸ which work together very well. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable mystery!
Leah Neale