Bloody Creek Murder (A Winston Radhauser Mystery #6)


Only day after Blair Bradshaw’s son dies, she is found dead in the middle of her son’s memorial.  Franklin Bradshaw, her husband and criminal lawyer, believes his wife committed suicide over the grief of losing their son.  Detective Radhauser, however, believes foul play is at foot, and Franklin is his number one suspect.  The deeper Radhauser digs into this case, the more questions he has about Blair’s life before her death.  As he struggles to put all the pieces together, the detective wonders if there is more to the whole case than just murder.  Could Blair’s death truly be about grief or did someone take her life?

“Bloody Creek Murder,” will have readers on the edge of their seats until the final conclusion and reveal. Detective Radhauser is a great, well-rounded character and even coming in on the sixth book in his series, readers get enough of his background to fully invest in his story. Ms. Clayton-Goldner reveals each twist and clue with just enough information for the readers that it is not overly obvious or too far-fetched to grasp. The side plots add so much to the story and don’t distract from the murder case but rather enhance the entire book.  The opening scene may be little graphic for some, and the slow build into the main plotline could hinder some readers form fully engaging in the story.  However, once the case begins, Ms. Clayton-Goldner delivers a mystery that will not disappoint!

Amy Cefoldo