Bikinis & Bloodshed (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #8)

Anne Marie

After divorcing her cheating husband, Kaley thought her life couldn't get much worse. When she returns to her home in Hawaii, however, things are more upset than she expected. One of her Aunt Riki’s employees at Happy Hula Dress Boutique is found dead behind the store and her Aunt becomes the prime suspect. Kaley turns to her former best friend and former love Noa for help, and together they must work to clear her Aunt’s name. With bodies and evidence piling up, Kaley must be quick to discover the real killer's identity before her Aunt is thrown in prison, or worse, Kaley herself winds up dead. 

Readers will be on their toes while reading “Bikinis & Bloodshed”, the eighth book in the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series. From sparks flying with an old love interest to finding new suspects at every turn of the page, readers will not be able to put this book down. While the plot will keep readers guessing, it will also leave readers new to the series feeling a bit let down when it comes to the characters. With little background information given, readers are still left wanting more from Kaley, Riki, and their friends. If there was just a little bit more detail about their lives and pasts, readers would be able to connect better with the books’ characters, therefore, better able to relate to their situation. In the end, however, the book does end with an interesting plot twist, which will leave readers guessing how they could have possibly missed it. 

Hannah Hurdle