Angels Gate (Beacon Point Romance Book 3)


Jack McKenzie learns that someone has been searching for him - but not to hire him as a set designer, the career he has been pursuing since his return to LA. Nathanial Sinquah, who grew up on Arizona’s Third Mesa, feels he’s missed out on big city life, and boards a Greyhound bus to Southern California on a quest to uncover his late mother’s secret past. Along the way, he meets Emelie Marin and a journey into a past laden with prejudice, misfortune, and fear begins when the three combine forces. They soon discover the past involves more than just their ancestors, but also Angel’s Gate Lighthouse, which guards more than the City of Angels.

“Angel’s Gate” is an ambitious contemporary tale of discovery that layers mystery, history, and an iconic landmark. This is the third installment of this series but readers will not lack for understanding. While most portrayals hinge on male-female leads for a story, this tale has two love stories and incorporates a well-timed mystery that throws Jack and Nathanial together.  Both men have markedly different layers to their personalities, while Emelie is a quirky mess that fate has brought into Nathanial’s life.  Events play a huge role in this book, as much as that of the characters and their lives.  There are periods where the reader may feel like this story is not progressing, but they are brief.  Light editing is needed to correct word tenses, but it is not distracting. History buffs will appreciate the detail to the history of Angel’s Gate, World War II and the love stories revealed.

Roberta Gordon