Always a Groomsman (Love on the Run Book 1)

Michel Prince

Serena and Connor Love travel the world sharing their adventures on Serena’s vlog. Shortly after Serena’s cliff dive which almost stops Connor’s heart, Serena learns her cousin Bethany is getting married in the Dominican Republic, and Serena’s presence is essential to the wedding. The party-filled days are interrupted by the bride’s meltdowns as she struggles to create a beautiful, multicultural wedding that highlights the couple’s love for each other. When one of the groomsmen is found dead on the beach, the wedding plans become even more complicated. Believing the young man accused of the murder is innocent, Serena and Connor must find the real murderer before the bride’s special day.

This book presents a delightful mix of romance and wedding fever while certainly setting the stage for future books. Readers will identify with the family trials that accompany wedding planning when one is trying to mix the traditions and customs of two different cultures. Further complicating the story is the competition going on at the law firm where most of the wedding party works. A murdered groomsman heightens the tension because he was disliked so much by coworkers. The complexities of love are presented with a backdrop of corrupt politics in a resort rimmed by the poor people who are at the mercy of a government fueled by greed. Serena and Connor are the calm in the midst of the storm, and the voice of reality in the chaos. Readers will be watching for book two with anticipation!

Leah Neale