All Fired Up (Love Unexpected #1)


Marianne Dunaway, a romance writer with a lucrative career in Seattle, returns to Orcas Island on a dare from her friend. On her way there she meets Jack Sanders, the epitome of the man she writes about in her romance novels. However, going back to the place she grew up has brought about several complications which entangles her life with Jack’s. Circumstances show that both their pasts are connected and now they have to join forces to find out why before somebody gets hurt.


Ms. Valentine has a way of making the tiny hairs on one’s nape stand on end because of the way she effectively describes the setting, and it is difficult not to like this book for that reason alone. However, there is this sense of the characters not being deeply explored. One gets the feeling that something is still missing – that the characterization only scratched the surface. Secondary characters help bring the story more to life. Without revealing too much, there was little in the way of tying the loose ends together, particularly the reasons for Marianne’s sister staying in the situation she was in.  "All Fired Up" is a good read, right from the start. It simply requires a little bit more tweaking in order to bring everything together in the end.


M.P. Ceja