Absolution (A Father Jake Austin Mystery Book 3)

John A.

Jake Austin has a lot on his plate. This Lake Erie-based doctor grew up here, and now practices medicine and serves also as a priest. His patients are blessed to have his time and attention. He truly cares for them and their families. Jake’s own experiences range from neglect, having a drug using father, caring for his orphaned nephew and now trying to stop illegal pill pushers from taking more kids’ lives. When all these problems fall in his lap and threaten his family, he is forced to take action. Can he do his jobs and keep his people safe? Will the past of his father’s sins take them all down?

Mr. Vanek has written a fast-paced drama with twists and turns galore. The medical experiences and Catholic references are all well-written with obvious experiences. The characters are attractive, well-developed and easy to relate to. The story moves at a rapid pace, and the pages pack a great amount of adventure. Jake has a compassion that seeps off the pages and his relationship with his school classmates is authentic. This is book three of the series, however, and reading the earlier installments may benefit readers, giving them some historical information and explaining Jake’s relationship with Emilie and the cliff-hanger ending. Reading more books will enlighten readers about the depth of their feelings. “Absolution” is a great mystery, and readers will surely blast quickly through this thrilling suspenseful series.

Viola Robins