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HISTORICAL THRILLER: From the Iron Age, Estrada, along with the warrior-bard, Conall, and girl-fighter, Sorcha, arrive in present day Ireland tasked with saving the world from vampires. Estrada journeys from village to village looking for a way to stop them and must find a way to save the city too.

HISTORICAL: In her short life, Primrose McKessick, the soon-to-be twenty-one-year-old has trusted her instincts. Her mother came from English society and raised Primrose as a self-assured, educated individual, trying to break her habit of relating people to dog breeds. Primrose boldly travels from Scotland to be a companion to her Aunt Rhodesia during a cruise to Italy.

Pretty Pride

Families who settled in the frontier of America had grit or died. Some died anyway, often from reasons undiscovered for years. Zola Pretty and her younger brother Forest find their family homestead up for auction, and themselves included in the property sale as ranch hands, just to keep a roof over their heads. Ms.

Into the Fog

SCIENCE FICTION: Heidi Crawford’s typical drive home turns worrisome as she hits her brakes in the fog of the mountains of Alberta. The fog engulfs her Jeep, making her quick displacement a bit of a shock when icy roads are replaced by a brown desert ghost town. Dustin, the local cook at the diner, welcomes Heidi, who is desperate to get home to her daughter.

Lady Esther Harington is determined not to marry the lord her father and stepfather have arranged for her. A chance encounter with Samuel Moore, barrister and eldest son of a viscount, offers her a way out. By giving the appearance of a courtship, Lady Esther can use the Season to find the man she can love, while Samuel can show the woman who spurned him that he is over her.