Recent Reviews

HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  “Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale” is set in Japan in the sixteenth century with female warriors, one of whom is called Risuko. Along with two other apprentices, Emi and Toumi, Risuko arrives to their new home, which is filled with lots of secrets. Risuko is a nickname meaning squirrel - and she has an uncanny ability to climb just about anything!

PARANORMAL:  Maia has grown up seeing the dead everywhere, and mainly focuses on staying out of their way.

While deployed and on a mission, Jamie suddenly finds herself in a terrifying new situation - one that introduces her to a General, a non-human one.

Madison Kinlock is a cop turned PI after an off-duty accident injured her so badly she couldn’t return to work. Moon is a crime boss in Phoenix whose specialties are drugs, weapons, and women.

HISTORICAL/NATIVE AMERICAN:  Wind That Knocks Down Lodges and Cactus Flower are two young Apache children aged twelve and six, respectively.