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Laura Sampao always knew her family descended from dragon shifters. For generations, that powerful gift had laid dormant. She’d hoped that she too would be skipped. Instead, she finds herself the recipient of the curse, thus painting a giant target on her back. Vampires are after her blood, and they’ll do anything to get it.

A small town’s Christmas tradition is on the line. Claire Evans is a miniature train display artist whose grandfather has passed, so it’s fallen on her to make the show go on. She’s not alone in this as the whole town is behind her. All except for James Fordham, a newcomer who takes charge of the town’s energy company.

HISTORICAL: Asia Quicksilver is a prostitute, but not just any ordinary streetwalker. She is employed by one of the most luxurious brothels in London, where the “ladies” are treated well and even have some say in which clients they see. When Asia is chosen by Mr. Blond for a long-term gig, she almost looks forward to doing her job. But as it turns out, her usual services are not what he wants.

Margie has a very busy schedule. She is the mom of 3 children and has an ex-husband who is not a fan of being an attentive father. She can also recall all her past lives. Everyone in her family seems to have a gift. When Gabriel moves in next door, he’s surprised when she calls him Sebastian. Little does he know that Sebastian is one of his past selves. They hit it off immediately.

Lady Elora knows that she needs to marry to ensure her family’s success, but is a marriage full of love and passion too much to ask? Her brother is the undefeated champion, yet he’s determined to set her up with a knight of means who will take care of her. Sir Julien is also undefeated. Granted, he has only been in one tournament, but he needs to make a name for himself.