Recent Reviews

Death by falling. More precisely, members of an exclusive old-boys club are being lured to, then pushed from high points and falling to their deaths.

“Master of Lies” opens with an expansive prologue to allow the reader to know that the story takes place in a mythical place in a mythical time. Think “Lord of the Rings” scenery with good dragons as opposed to gold-stealing ones.

“Bound by Dreams” is book five in the Cauld Ane series. The story opens with Charlotte Whitmore donning a Princess Ariel costume in Disneyland. Her acting career is going nowhere while her best friend is involved with a Fallen Crown band member.

“Stockholm Diaries” opens on an early morning in contemporary Stockholm, as Detroit native, Caroline, prowls the streets looking for the perfect picture. Caroline postponed her travel photographer's dream to support her boyfriend, Brad, through law school.

For twenty years, Cedric has lived with the agonizing results that came from placing his career before his eternal mate.