Recent Reviews

All the Pretty Dresses
Steven J.

Beautiful women adorned in elegant gowns prove to be a gruesome find in the small town of Summersville. Someone is torturing them for a month before putting them out of their misery and posing them post-mortem.

Stripped Bare

Sally spends two years licking her wounds after her live-in boyfriend wanders to greener pastures. Through a mutual friend she meets Damien, a high school buddy whose time in the Navy has produced success and a hard-earned physique.

His Witch to Keep

Serenity is one of seven Pleiades witches, but not the crooked finger murmuring spells kind. Trained as an agent, she tracks criminals in the non-magical world. Years ago she met Alexi, an assassin with her name on his “to do” list. She didn’t walk away from their encounter unscathed.

Pay the Piper, Hathe, #2
Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  Earth has ruled Hathe for five years but at the Zenith, the Resistance turns the tables and now the captors have become the captives. Hatred for Major Hamon Radcliff, head of the Terran security forces, and for his Hathian wife, Marthe an Castre, run rampant.

Half banshee and pyrotechnic, Ginny Golding moved to Earth from the underworld not only to get away from her banshee relatives, but to also find love. Unfortunately, she tends to make human males bleed from places they shouldn’t whenever passion rises. She needs someone more than human to love.