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Ancient Heat

Werelions are alive and well, and Nicole Abramson in now living inside one of their bodies!   Sander Evans is a bit confused — his intended mate looks like she always does  but sure does not act like it.  His mate, Marseille, possesses a telekinetic power, which will block their main enemy, the Followers.

Computer geek Randell Graves has an amazing life.  As a wolf guard, he writes code for his pack to keep them secure. It's a great job, and he runs his own company on the side.  He has plenty of money, and if he needs to scratch an itch, he has both means and opportunity.  Tulla Nirvelli has her own B&B, a wonderful son, and her own private beach just outside  her back door.

Thomas “Cuss” Layne has been in love with Tiffany since he was in high school. She is from the right side of the tracks, and he is not. He will always be there for her no matter what, but he believes he is not good enough for her.  Tiffany has dated through college, but no one has ever given her the spark Thomas does.

Snowbound by Lynn Crandall

(From the Fierce Hearts series).  Were-lynx Kennedy Mitchell and Asher Monroe find themselves stuck in the snow with a killer who has been stalking humans. What had been planned as a romantic getaway becomes a fight for survival.

The Mistletoe Effect by Lainee Cole

PARANORMAL:  Tessa Egan is prophesized to become the most powerful witch ever known. With this proclamation comes numerous individuals hunting her, despite the fact that her powers have just awakened and she's not sure how to use them. As she tries to figure all of this out and stay one step ahead of her enemies, she finds herself torn between guardian brothers Alec and Josh.