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Misled: Death Dwellers MC, Book 1
Kathryn Kelly
Samuel Valor

NEW ADULT:  In order to escape an abusive life with her mother and step father, Meggie makes a run for it.  The only place she believes is safe is with her father, president of the Death Dwellers MC.

PARANORMAL:  Emma Bennett is eighteen and head over heels in love with her secret agent boyfriend, Ben Parker.  Ben works for the Afterworld's Bureau of Investigation, floating between the afterlife and earth, trying to juggle his job and his love life with Emma.  When things go wrong after a misunderstanding, Ben and Emma’s bond, which has spanned centuries, will be put to the test.  As they d

Little Gray Dress

CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Emi Harrison is your average everyday gal, engaged to Jack Cabot — a modern Prince Charming in every way.  Her life could not be more perfect — until she catches Jack cheating on her, and is devastated. After two years of trying to heal, she will now have to face the truth.  Does her heart still belong to Jack, or  can she really move on?

Aimee Prentice comes to the bustling town of Dry Bayou with a heart full of hope and stomach full of butterflies.  A mail-order bride, she has never met Gaston Mosier, her husband to be. From the moment they meet on the train platform, emotions stir in both Aimee and the wickedly handsome Gaston that they have never known before.

Victor Blackburn has until midnight on his twenty-seventh birthday to break a family curse or suffer his own demise. A witch named Mercy Seymour is the only one who can break the curse, and Victor has been searching for her for over ten years. Mercy has been waiting for this moment for the last ten years — Blackburn murdered her mother and she wants to see him suffer.