Recent Reviews

Mission Trip
Theo Jr.

CHRISTIAN/DYSTOPIAN:  Nearly thirty years after the fall of the worlds’ governments, most of the planet has been reduced to roving bands of savages - some simply trying to survive, others out to kill.

Lettie has already had five Seasons, and looks forward to a life of spinsterhood—sort of.

Assassin P.I.

Jack is a middle-aged former cop turned PI. When a flame from the past, Angie, turns up to hire him to find her husband's killer, against his better—and sober—judgment, he takes the case.

Live For This
Kathryn R.

Samirah and Michael are both broken people. When Sam's mom died, she was left with nothing; her father put the house up for sale the day of the funeral. Sam's choice to not care about being a decent person because life sucks anyway, led to her being drugged and raped, and it's all on video.

Valentine Bride

Carson and Fynlee both uprooted their lives to take care of loved ones.