Recent Reviews

The Royal Elf of Abalon
Anna del C.

Princess Amaria has lived an extremely sheltered life.  Viciously protected from anyone even getting near the young girl, by the Queen Mother, Amaria reaches her sixteenth birthday desperately naive.  But, when crisis strikes and the human kingdom is thrown into war, Amaria is  determined to learn as she secretly sets out to help the wounded in battle.

The Sweetest Touch

Louisa, is a beautiful, young pickpocket who is run down by the Duke of  Kenbridge’s carriage one night.

The Never Prayer
Aaron Michael

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Fate of the Fallen

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

The Honeymoon Cottage
Barbara Cool

Camilla just lost her job, has been arrested and it turns out that her fiancée Dennis Henning is a con-man now wanted by the police!  He disappears with her company’s payroll, leaving her with a lot to answer for along with his 8 year old son Oliver to care for.  The police let her go when they realize she’s been conned but she feels it’s her duty to get the money back she was responsible for.