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MAGICAL REALISM:  Blake Wells, politician and bachelor de jour, takes a holiday in Nassau. Soaking up the sunshine, his gaze lands on Cressida, and he follows the beauty down the beach. Blake ignores the vague warning she gives him.

MEDIEVAL:  Loyal and brave French Knight Sir Geoffroi de Tournai travels to York on the wishes of William the Conqueror. Open hatred hangs in the air toward the Normans who rule.

Everyone has an aura. Ruth Scott believes this until she crashes into a chest of muscle leaving the hospital after her mother’s passing. The handsome man attached to the carved body is Deacon Walker, and he doesn’t have an aura because he isn’t human.

Sweet Auralie

Anton and Lenora Boudreaux set sail on the Willow from San Francisco to Shanghai, in search of a child they hope to reunite with its mother.

See You Soon Broadway

CHICK-LIT:  Maris Forrester has dreamed of being on Broadway since she was a little girl. Although everything in her life is going great, she wonders if perhaps stardom is just waiting for her to have the courage to take the first step towards it.