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FANTASY:  Keira and her cousin Brogan have lived for years as part of a rag-tag bunch of petty thieves and con-artists. Keira won’t do the con, but she knows how to read, and will do the research so that the players don’t go in blind.

One Last Hold

Wesley Webb is a race car driver at the top of his game.

Asher’s family fell prey to a demon when he was just a child. Caught throwing himself across his little sister to in order to save her, Asher was forced to make a deal - when he became old enough, he would become the demon’s slave.

In a time where boundaries are fought over, religious fervor is rampant and women are the pawns to win control, Mary Queen of Scotts sits imprisoned on an island, all because of men’s treachery and lust for power.  The secret that trumps them all, however, is the birth of her daughter.

Trail of Longing

Emma Sutton suffers from crippling shyness; she has never even had the courage to as much as talk with a man.  That problem is never more evident than when the secret love of her life finally approaches her on the long wagon train heading west.  Dr.