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Not Your Child

Susan Moss, psychologist and single mother becomes deeply concerned when she realizes that someone is following her twelve-year-old daughter. The man following her is Daniel Kazan, who is absolutely sure that Maddy is his grand daughter who was taken from them when she was just a baby. Susan has a DNA test done and is utterly astounded by the results.

Nikolas Steele is retired and has way too much time to dwell on things. When he finds himself in the midst of a storm, he comes to the aid of a woman and her dog. She can’t seem to remember anything, but whatever is going on, it’s bringing trouble with a capital T. Thea Gale cannot remember what happened to her. Worse still, there seems to be people after her who are determined to kill her.

Lily of the Valley
Sarah M.

Kester Barrington met his best friends at Eton College. Adopting him into their group, they accept nothing less than his friendship. Kester has to be dragged to social events and house parties. When one of the group, Stanley, dies after a house party Kester missed, he vows to never again miss a chance to be with his friends - despite his need for solitude.

PARANORMAL: Avril Soleil has been sent by her master, the Warlord Grimore, to steal a very particular artifact from the Elven Spymaster Whispier. Avril is a very accomplished thief, and yet up until now, she has purposely stayed under the notice of the most feared spymaster. This latest assignment will undo years of determined avoidance.

Taj is a thousand-year-old unindentured Djinn who is just trying to enjoy all the pleasures of being both free and all-powerful. But then his sister’s magician boyfriend, Jered, comes crashing into his life with claims that Leela has been kidnapped.