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Autumn’s unadventurous, routine life has started to weigh on her and is worrying her father. When the opportunity to join a dating game show to win Oliver, a vampire duke, presents itself, Autumn doesn’t hesitate. She knows she won’t win, but the experience will be exciting nonetheless.

Maeve has always admired Lord Avery. In fact, she is in love with him even though he is a part of the scandalous O’Shea family. She knows marriage for her will inevitably be soon but can’t help but hope it is with Lord Avery. There is one problem, her best friend Alice is determined to marry him too. Alice needs to marry soon because she has a secret child that was conceived out of wedlock.

Temptation on the Alpine Express
Kirsten S.

Gertrude is full of secrets, especially the ones from her past. However, she accumulates even more secrets being a lady’s maid for Countess von Bruenner. The Countess’ family is part of Russian royalty and tensions are high in Russia. The Countess has a very stoic and handsome guard named Nikoli who takes his job very seriously as he was trained by the best in Russia.

TIME TRAVEL: It is the year 2019, and Michael Pendridge is suffering. He is a detective mourning the loss of his partner. He is approached about a case by a Mr. Green and receives a brooch that magically takes him back to England in the 18th century. He finds himself in the middle of a crowd and runs into the most beautiful pick-pocket he has ever seen.

Danger Unknown
Kathi Oram

Brooke Steward, the wife of a murdered police officer, is on the run. Brooke’s quick thinking turns into the unimaginable - a car accident - leaving her with a concussion and at the mercy of a good Samaritan, Michael Calder. Michael’s military history not only plagues him with nightmares, but his training as a military medic enables him to help Brooke.