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The Fearful Heart

NEW ADULT:  The "romantic life" of one college senior is complicated by an accelerated course load in accounting, as well as a harpy for a neighbor.  You would think that Cassidy Keane would have enough on her plate to worry about, but her heart is lonely.

Southern Perfection

Raegan Lowery is a heroine who has known great loss, but has also experienced great love. One such love is that of her love for her granddaddy.

Kate Sparrow could be described in one word - trouble. As a renowned party girl and paparazzi favorite, Kate Sparrow led a difficult and lonely life.

PARANORMAL:  In days of old, upon the harsh landscape of Scotland, the last of the Dragonkine exist in secret. Vicious in battle with magic in their blood, they can make grown men shudder in fear, but one look from a bonnie lass and their hearts and scales soften.

Kissing Frogs

“Notting Hill” meets “Bridget Jones”:  except in this case her name is Kate. She’s living her dream in London, but a thick fog hangs over her head. Her husband dumped her for a Brazilian bombshell. If she gives him the divorce before the paperwork is signed on her immigration status, she’s on the next boat back to the US.