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To Have and To Hold

NEW ADULT:  Colin MacLann is part of all American Brooklyn family and has always been a stand out. He is part of a loving family and has a tight knit group of friends. He was a high school football star and also in a rock band with his friends. Now it’s his wedding day.

And the rebellious angels were cast from Heaven - or so the story is commonly told.  A few among the banished realized they had been misled. They lost their wings and were given a new purpose - to stop the Fallen and their minions from spreading their evil.

Sweet Jazz

INTERRACIAL:  Cass Porter thought she’d left racism and discrimination in the South. Life in New York offered better opportunities, yet it was far from color-blind. The shade of her skin closed doors, even among her peers.

Who We Were

Sadie Peters has known and looked out for Lily Chavez since they were both in first grade. When Sadie takes a summer class at the other school in Laurel Lakes to earn credits toward her senior year of high school, she realizes that she also has a chance to start with a clean slate reputation-wise.

Undeniable Attraction

When the reader meets Cash, he is drowning his sorrows and neglecting his work as a private investigator. His very professional office assistant Clair is trying to hold down the fort – losing his former love Sloan isn’t worth all this.