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Claiming Annie's Heart

Life is a series of decisions. Unfortunately, Annie Foster did not make the decisions that formed her life; her choices were taken out of her hands.

NEW ADULT:  In the aftermath of an apocalyptic volcanic eruption, Violet Perch's life looks nothing like it used to.

One night. Two murders. No connection. Or is there? Trial attorney turned Florida Key beach bum, Matt Royal, is called back into service when, out of the blue, a friend’s wife is arrested for the murder of a prominent local contractor.

In 1863, Alice Porter and her father are traveling by wagon train from New York to Oregon. Depressed and withdrawn, the young war widow is determined to mourn the husband she’d lost a year earlier. When her father falls ill Alice is forced to remain with him at Ft.

TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  In this story the souls of comatose patients ‘travel’ to one of two places: if heaven-bound, to a place called Paradise Valley; if evil exists in their souls, they go to the Dark Lands.