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The Seer

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Sidney Rinn is a Seer. If an event occurs somewhere she happens to be, she sees the scene as if it is happening right at that moment.

The Lover’s Path

Filamena Ziani has had a privileged life. Her sister, Tulia, is a famous courtesan in Venice, and in the sixteenth century that allowed Tulia to provide for both herself and Filamena after their mother died. It also allowed Filamena to dedicate herself to music.

Home Ice

Lorelai Kelly is a figure skater with the dream of winning an Olympic medal. But, after she is hurt while trying to land a jump, she hasnt been able to get back into the necessary mindset.

The Prince of Solana

Even while exiled, Prince Andre Peralta still maintains all the perks of spoiled royalty. Until his family is brutally murdered, however. Now with a bounty on his head as the only remaining member of the monarchy, he is forced into hiding.

All Sadie Stewart wanted was a nice romantic evening with her boyfriend Sebastian Wildes to celebrate their six-month anniversary.  But when a masked assassin attempts to kill her, she knows instinctively what she must do.