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Mia Levesque has a lot going on in her life at the tender age of fourteen. Shes lived with her older sister since the death of their mother several years earlier.

Heart River Inn

COMEDY:  Lexi Sheridan has made an incredible discovery that may prove the catalyst to her career as a serious journalist.

New Sion

SCI-FI:  The Human colony of New Sion is not a hospitable place - especially for a woman.  Full of raiders, criminals and others believing that a woman cant be on her own, Fiona (aka Finn) has spent the

REGENCY:  Miss Tara McConnell is not your average London miss.

Destiny’s First Embrace
Terry Ann

WESTERN:  Megan McAllister has always dreamt of a white knight rescuing her from a life of poverty. When handsome Joshua Jeffries saves her from ruffians and seems taken with her, it looks like she might just get it. After all, they are in love, and love knows no obstacles, right?  Well, not exactly.