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Sandra Z.

Bully, schemer and thief, Breen Tarlton informs Morven McAllister he has purchased her home from her mother, who also gives permission for them to wed. Furious, Morven runs home to her ailing mother only to find her dead. Morven meets Breen next at the docks. He grabs her, and she steps aside, intent on pushing him away.  Losing his balance, he falls into the swirling depths.

The Castle Ambrose is attacked and suffers a bloody massacre. The Duke’s sons, Pembroke, and Seldon are taken away as prisoners while the rest of the Duke’s family is killed. Janna and her mother are spared. Growing up, Janna spent many hours with her grandfather, considered insane because of his wild tales of sea serpents.

Ridge is bemoaning the fact his parents are getting a divorce. His father had a previous family of girls, unbeknownst to him, and his mother wants to set him up with a debutante at Thanksgiving. Papi, his fraternity brother, has the perfect solution for him. Crush, the Delta frat Vice President, is running a makeover contest for the pledges.

SUPERNATURAL:  FBI analyst Tessa D’Azzo is investigating the brutal murder of her father, Joe. She is also looking for clues why his murdered partner, Officer Oliver Gates, became a ruthless monster before his death. After an altercation with Dion Tate, who attacked Tessa in her office while searching for a computer file, Captain Eric Logan and Tessa begin finding pieces of the puzzle.

Madison is a bonafide workaholic. She gets a wake-up call when she ends up in the hospital after passing out at work. She is given grave news by the doctors--if she doesn’t make changes soon, she won’t live much longer. Her family brings in a health guru named Brandon. He is a part of a reality TV series to help people become healthy.