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For years Lila has known she can sometimes hear other people’s thoughts, but why is she now having vivid, disturbing dreams involving Wesley, the new guy in her class?  When her teacher springs a group pr

Poppies for Christmas
Stacy Renée

INSPIRATIONAL:  Arty Lenn has a crush on budding high school DJ Dexx and can’t stop drawing pictures of the two of them together.  When she and her friends Kit and Poppy go to a club where Dexx is in acti

TIME TRAVEL/WESTERN:  With her pink-streaked hair and tattoo, Rose McAllister just doesn’t fit into the box that her traditional mother expects her to.  She’s therefore grateful when she secures a teachin

Attorney Isis Ferrelli, aka crime blogger Marjorie Gardens, is concerned when she hears that her friends Ray and Jed are planning to invest their hard-earned money in a secure underground community where

Crossing Roman

Roman Caponelli is trying to move his mob family into more legitimate business ventures.  Some of his motivation is his feelings for a certain beautiful young woman named Madison Miller.